Michael Li

Hi, guys. It's me!

 Yes, as you guys can see, my very first published score is a string quartet in d minor. Of course, it seems to be very classical (first movt.), but soon after, I notice that's not me. So, I decided to do something else, which is between tonal and atonal.

My favourite composer is definitely Dmitri Shostakovich, and I listen to every single piece that he wrote. I admired him very much as some of you are. My style is basically influenced by him, and so when I compose my second movt, I started "my style" and it is short and simple, full of impressionist and nationalism.

By just looking at my name, I am an Asian (lol, don't be racist.". So, I also started my symphony No.1 in B minor. The style of it is basically between chinese and western, maybe I should say a mixture of elements between them. Yes, for sure some dissonance (G#,A), haha~

Hope you guys will enjoy my pieces and I'm looking forward to compose more ya'll. Please leave comments for me from the following contact below:

  1. Email: litsunsun@gmail.com
  2. Facebook: (type in my email to search my user, dp should be me playing a violin, with the gay pride background) 
  3. Phone number (+852 64823092)